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Dizzy Tuning specializes in custom ECU tuning and calibrations for Mazdaspeed and Ford Ecoboost vehicles

Jim from Colorado Springs, CO

I recently purchased a tune combo from Dizzy Tuning. Jason Chabza was an enormous help answering all my questions before and after the purchase! He also noticed a suspected boost leak during the data logging process. My Fiesta runs amazingly with the Dizzy Tunes! Thank you Jason for all your time and patience! I look forward to working with you more in the future. P.S. If you are on the fence about trying a Dizzy Tune, do it. You will not regret it. 

Chase from Oceanside, CA

Where to start, Jason Chabza is THE man! My tuning experience started last year with very minor mods. Since then Jason has helped me chase down boost leaks, troubleshoot and diagnose problems, All remotely. Jason surely knows exactly what these mazdaspeeds need to run smoothly and will take the time to answer every question you have. Take it from me. Dizzy is the best in the business from quality of tuning as well as customer service. I'm talking one day turn around for tunes most of the time! Unheard of I know. Just currently finished an E30 tune and I can say with full confidence this car is a BEAST compared to how it was a year ago bone stock. If your on the fence about purchasing a tune from Dizzy, let this review reassure you that it will be the best desicion you've ever made. 

Ric from Sherwood, OR

Very impressed with the Dizzy Tune, on my 2017 Fiesta ST! Jason's tune is certainly more powerful than the Cobb Tuning OTS 'Stage 2' tune--no question there--but equally impressive is the super smooth throttle response, throughout the power band. Transition into boost is positively silky...much appreciated on the often wet roads, here in Oregon! I also notice that the boost level carries significantly higher into the RPM range--awesome! Whatever magic Jason is cooking up for the FiST, it certainly works great with my car! Can't wait to try the E30 tune.

Evett from Monticello, NY

Jason is a great guy with great (the cheapest) prices and he's willing to work with what ever you give him. Quick response to emails along with quick tuning turn around I highly recommend Dizzy tuning.. DIZZY TUNING FOR THE WIN!!! They say you get what you pay for well this is definitely not the case. Great quality !! Thanks Jason.

Juan from Miami, FL

I just finished my E85/93 mix, mods are dp,hpfp,Intake tip. It's was a great experience working with Jason because he answered all my questions and he is very fast responding email. I can email him today and in 30min I received an email from him and it can be even midnight and he still response. Jason cares about his customer and that very important. I had a boost leak, and he help me fix it, I send him video so he can see what going on with my car and he was glad that I did that. A month a ago I was racing my friend GTI and I lost about 3 cars. I told Jason what happen and that I wanted to beat him so badly. So Jason said don't worry I'm going to help you reach your goal. So today I race my friend GTI and I finally beat him lol. Thanks to Jason, he is a great tuner. I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to stay with Jason until I'm done building my car. Thanks Jason for everything!

Trent from MSP, MN

Jason did an awesome job tuning my ride! I'm going BT and coming back for all octane tunes, because I like options. Dizzy Tuning keeping it 💯!

​​Cody from Vancouver, BC Canada

If you hadn't heard of Dizzy Tuning before this, make no mistake, this is the best tuning experience you'll find. Jason diagnosed boost leak, tuned through terrible Canadian gas, and had incredible response times. I left my previous tuner because he wouldn't even answer basic questions, or strangely, acknowledge that I asked them. Jason is the opposite of that. He was unbelievably helpful and worked with me through multiple tuning issues including boost leak. Most importantly my car is running incredibly (full bolt ons). Did I mention that Jason also has the best price?

Davey from Chicago, IL

Being familiar with Dizzy from back in the day, i jumped at the first chance i got with Jason. From start to finish, excellent communication, (which is very important with etunes) because i just had so many questions and he was responding so quickly. Awesome sauce!!! From the base map to final touches on the 93 tune, Jason walked me through what he had done to the map before i flashed them. I am still running on K04 but the car feels like a new machine. the turn around time is fast and wish there was more revisions! LOL! I cant wait to start e85 and see where we can take this stock turbo too. I would recommend Jason and Dizzy Tuning to anyone that asks. If you havent heard, Dizzy tune is the shit. so take a whiff.

Chris from Lake Stevens, WA

I started tuning with Jason after having a bad experience with one of the other very popular tuners, I was having trouble getting returns to my emails and it was just a very slow process. Jason came highly recommended from a good friend. Jason started tuning my ms6 when I was running the ko4 and then again when I upgraded to a gtx3071 with a 92 tune and and e85 tune. While running the ko4 I picked up a big chunk of power and the car ran more smoothly when compared to a Cobb OTS map. When I went BT I talked with Jason and decided I would like a fairly conservative tune and we ended up with about 360/360 and I absolutely love it! Jason always responded to my questions quickly and explained the tuning process as we went. I couldn't be happier!

Ben from Russellville, AR

I'm pretty sure I was one of Jason's first tuning customers, back in spring 2012. We encountered more than a few issues during the tuning process, and he was patient with me while we sorted everything out. I found and eliminated 2 or 3 causes of KR. When it was finally finished, we ended up at a somewhat conservative 307whp/353wtq on pump gas (93 octane). This was an improvement of 43whp/73wtq over a Cobb OTS map, and 65whp/96wtq over the stock tune with hard parts installed. All of this with just a Cobb SRI, PTP HPFP internals, and stock exhaust with the cats gutted out. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional tuner, and especially to people who are not very familiar with the DISI (Mazdaspeed) platform.

Alex from Tacoma, WA

Dizzy Tuning FTW!! I have had a 5 star experience with them! Super knowledgeable on the mazdaspeed platform and gives you the best tuning experience you can find! My car now has a pump gas tune and an E-85 tune and the risings from both are amazing!!! Jason's integrity and honesty is the best! He will let you know where you should be power wise and will tell you where he feels that you should hold based on results from logs! Makes me feel at ease knowing that he is out for the customer’s best interest!! Very quick turn around and very hands on with explaining things you’re unsure of! Would do it all over again with Dizzy Tuning if I had to! Great work!

Pat from Cotati, CA

Jason was awesome during my tuning process. He help figure out KR issues and some other issues that I had. He was a lot of help through the re tune process and when doing the E85 tune. He got my revised maps back to me in a timely manner. He is really knowledgeable about the Mazdaspeed platform. He helped me out with general knowledge of the platform a lot also. I would recommend Jason to anyone that needs a tune.

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